The first-ever first-principles review of public health


In my TOI blog post in August 2020 & my October 2020 book I wrote about ways to ensure public health doesn’t deviate as much as it has from good policy principles.

But by end-2022 it was CLEAR that public health is a GANG OF CRIMINALS.  Much of economics and all of macro-economics is nothing but the pretense of knowledge. But 100% of public health is the pretense of knowledge.  This project began in early 2023, after I decied in late 2022 to undertake such a review. I’ve written a 4-part article in Times of India blog to explain the rationale (Download the combined PDF). And a summary article at Mises Wire on the topic.

I expect the review to take around 3-5 years to complete (say, by end-2027).



23 July 2023: Towards a science of infectious disease negative externalities

B) Presentations

a) 28 June 2023, to PANDATA:

b) 18 November 2023, to Australians for Science and Freedom:

Report by journalist Alison Bevege on my presentation.


1 February 2024: A need to re-think human rationality

29 May 2023: Recognising Dr Charles Maclean’s path-breaking work

7 May 2023: Quarantine is a fool’s errand – Part 1  | Part 2

24 April 2023: Social distancing and focused protection don’t work

10 April 2023: Public health ethics is useless at best, harmful at worst – Part 1| Part 2

6 April 2023: Border closures and lockdowns must be banned – Part 1 | Part 2

1 February 2023: Public health is not a science

17 December 2022: The case for disbanding public health in its current form – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


I’m preparing papers on this topic for the India Policy Institute.

Paper 1: (Draft) Sanitarians vs Quarantinians

Paper 2: (Draft)  Medical Panics: Nuclear Explosions of Fear  [See also chapter 1 of this manuscript: The Missing Chapters in Economics Textbooks]

Paper 3: (Draft) Panic Busting: Isolation Hospitals, so we don’t burn $15 trillion on lockdowns ever again

Paper 4: (Draft) Never Vaccine Mandates.

Paper 5: (Preliminary sketch) Pigou’s Fabian socialist attack on Economics (this paper buries the idea of externalities)

A derivative book: Missing Chapters in Economics Textbooks. This book arose as a spilloff of Papers 2 and 5.


Book 1: (Preliminary sketch) Rationale for the review

Book 2: (Preliminary sketch) The empirical science of quarantine

Book 3: (Preliminary sketch) Ethics and ideology in public health

Book 4: (Preliminary sketch) The murderous criminality of public health

Book 5: (Preliminary sketch) Recommendations from Books 1, 2, 3 & 4

Book 6: (Preliminary sketch) First principles review of public health

I’ll be happy to have a separate Supplementary Book 7 that contains guest essays and analyses on various aspects of public health. These essays, without a word limit, will be in a normal academic style with cogent arguments and referencing. All links should (ideally) be to an archival website such as or Such essays, for which the copyright will belong to the respective author/s, will also be made available free of cost to the public in perpetuity on this website. Please write to me at if you’d like to contribute.


Update: 24 April 2023

I had wanted to produce a first draft of my PH review by end-April 2023. That’s not possible.

Even though I’ve compiled 100,000+ words, a first draft (cogent and readable) will take another year. The content remains a sketch, continually updated.

Update: 13 March 2023

I’ve now updated the way forward for my PH review. The two-year, two-book plan in a nutshell:

I’ll follow the world-best 10-point policy review method that I’ve created:


It is fine to critique the atrocious policies implemented during the covid episode. I’ve done a fair bit of that myself (Great Hysteria and The Broken State | Cost Benefit Analysis of Australia’s lockdowns + innumerable articles). But two things have emerged from my readings and analysis:

(a) this is not the first time that such hysteria has been created and damage caused by public health – instead, that has been the typical pattern for many decades; and

(b) there are incentive and information issues in public health which cannot be “fixed” except perhaps by completely downgrading its police powers. There is an INEVITABILITY about THE BAD BEHAVIOUR OF PUBLIC HEALTH.

I’m aware of a reasonable amount of literature on the first of these two issues but there is very little work on the latter. Further, I’m not aware of anyone who has combined the logic of these disparate analyses and made recommendations to permanently fix this recurring (and growing) problem.

In view of this situation, I’m attempting the broadest first-principles analysis of public health in human history.

A note on language and style:  Please note while I’m relatively polite in my TOI articles (else they won’t publish them), my book is not polite in any way towards PH criminals – even though I operate at the highest level of academic integrity, and everything I say can be readily validated. It would be like expecting me to say that Hitler was an “extremely wonderful and moral man who made a few mistakes”. I don’t do such things. I call a spade a spade. I want ALL public health “leaders” who supported border closures and lockdowns to be locked up for life behind bars. Solitary confinement.

My work on PH work is a reflection of my angst at the infinite points of failure we’ve allowed in the public health system, which was hijacked by the socialists around 150 years ago – post-JS Mill.


  1. Here’s a collection of articles by economists published in 2021 that provide an economic perspective on pandemics. I do not agree that public health can be retrieved. It is dangerous and must be quartered and buried.



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